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Pune is a historic city having a heritage of several years attached to it. Pune has been the landmark of women empowerment as it is the first place to have school for women. The city has always been liberal, progressive and modern. The prosperity of the city can be clearly seen in the lifestyle of the city. There are ample of opportunities for everyone from various professions for all the genders equally.

The corporate life in Pune is quiet dominant and rightly so. The city works within the working hours and parties and chills during the other time. It is a bliss to work in a city that helps maintain a perfect work life balance. One thing that makes the residents of the city proud is the ample of options that the corporate have to explore as their Corporate venues in Pune.

There are restaurants, pubs, resorts, and different banquet halls which are the famous Corporate venues in Pune. The Corporate venues in Pune can be classified depending on the purpose of the event. If the event is a success party, a lively place with a dance floor, great music and is prefered. There are pubs and clubs around the city which are the most loved corporate events in Pune for such purpose.

If there is a conference or a meeting that has to be held, there are hotels which have posh corporate halls for the same. For induction sessions or training sessions also, corporate halls are preferred. There are many conference halls which are solely designed keeping in mind the corporate events. These halls are well equipped with speaker system, have a proper podium and stage designed only for corporate events. These places offer great corporate discounts to lure more companies to have their annual goal setting, appraisal meets, or launch of new projects or for training sessions.

Why Resorts are best for Corporate venues in Pune?

The other category of Corporate venues in Pune is the resorts! The events that are typically organised in such places are everyone’s favorite, recreational activities. For overnight parties, or outbound training or induction or team building activities, a resort is the most suitable destination.

It is not only big corporate companies that narrow down to the Corporate venues in Pune, but also small scale companies which intent to have their complete staff along with their families. Resorts also offer great luxury to the top management and leaders in the organization along with all the amenities that they need to build strategies and take some strategic decisions.

Why Kapila Resorts are best for Corporate venues in Pune?

When it comes to Corporate venues in Pune, resorts are an unanimous choice and when it comes to resorts, Kapila resort is an unanimous choice. Kapila resort is strategically located closer to the city but away from chaos. It has conference halls, banquet halls and deluxe rooms. It has a huge capacity so as to accommodate number of people.

Kapila resort has an able staff to help the event happen smoothly. Kapila resort also has packages for corporate events which gives their clients a great deals!

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